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Prairie Spring

Fire & Ice

For Every Love a Place


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You with the Cool

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The Tree

Festival Triumph

A Clearing in the Distance

One Thousand Dark Threads on Wet Pavement

Sunlight on Quaking Aspen

Ukiyo-e: Pictures of the Floating World

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From Ode 17 of the Odes of Solomon


Festival Triumph

Stoke Fleming

Observations from a Rooftop Garden

For Every Love a Place

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New CDs

Flutist Iwona Glinka has released three new CDs featuring a Bartholomew work on each: Gusts & Zephers on the CD Daleth, In Seaspray, Barefoot, on the CD Zayin, and Canopy on the CD Heth.

Stargazing from the Ramparts on the Houston Brass Quintet CD New Horizons.

Other CDs featuring my music.

Featured on
Planeta Viola

The Spanish-language blog, Planeta Viola, written by Carlos Rodríguez Ridaura, featured a terrific commentary on In the Language of Meditation.

Virtual Choir Performance

Four choirs combined for a virtual performance of The Tree
on Facebook on June 27, 2020.

"The Tree" by Greg Bartholomew

"The Tree" by Greg Bartholomew, from our COLLABORATION virtual concert. Sung by Graveyard Girls (dir. Lauren Kastanas), Mägi Ensemble (dir. Heather MacLaughlin Garbes), Sound City Singers (dir. Johanna Olson), and Radiance (dir. Markdavin Obenza).

Posted by Radiance on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

2018 Burke & Bagley Prize Winners

The 2018 Burke & Bagley Prize for Brass Quintets has been awarded to Quintessenza Brass of Rome, Italy. They win $1000 for the best video of Festival Triumph. Center Stage Brass of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, was awarded Second Place, and Chilakil Brass Quintet of Guadalajara, Mexico received Third Place. Watch the winning videos.

The outstanding international panel of judges for the 2018 Competition included: Louis Hanzlik, trumpet, American Brass; Caleb Hudson, trumpet, Canadian Brass; Alex Freund, trumpet, M5 Mexican Brass; Luca Benucci, horn, Italian Brass Week, director; Greg Spiridopoulos, trombone, Empire Brass; and Scott Sutherland, tuba, Presidio Brass founding member.

Choral Scores now available from J.W. Pepper

Sheet music for all of Greg Bartholomew's choral works are now available from J.W. Pepper. You may preview the scores and listen to recordings directly on the J.W. Pepper website.