Seabiscuit's Run

For Solo Piano

Duration: 1 minute

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Composed in 2014, Seabiscuit's Run is an homage to the champion racehorse. A small horse, Seabiscuit had an inauspicious start to his racing career, but became an unlikely champion and a symbol of hope to many Americans during the Great Depression. He didn't run the leave-'em-in-the-dust races of other famous horses, but liked to intimidate and tease his opponents by looking them in the eye and then finally leaving them behind. He never quit, in spite of his small size, odd gait, and serious injury. Seabiscuit's career culminated in the 1938 Match of the Century against War Admiral at Pimlico Race Course. War Admiral was the favorite but Seabiscuit won by four lengths, and Seabiscuit was named American Horse of the Year for 1938. According to some, he got more press in 1938 than Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill combined.

The photo above is of Seabiscuit with George Woolf from the Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation and is in the public domain.

Seabiscuit's Run is dedicated to pianist Joel N. Juan Qui.

Purchase Sheet Music

Sheet music for Seabiscuit's Run is available from Sheet Music Plus and from J.W.Pepper.

Performance History

The world premiere performance was given by Joel N. Juan Qui on October 15, 2015, at the Teatro Angela Peralta in Mazatlan, Mexico.

October 16, 2015: Joel N. Juan Qui at the Teatro Pablo de Villavicencio in Culiacan, Mexico.

October 25, 2015: Joel N. Juan Qui at the Sala de conciertos C.I.E. in Los Mochis, Mexico.

February 20, 2016: Melinda Faylor on the Concrete Timber concert series at The Drawing Room, Brooklyn, New York.

April 17, 2016: Libby Kardontchik on the NACUSA-SF concert at Foothill Presbyterian Church, San Jose, California.